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      The company provides the service in the range of:

  1. Designing the electronic and electrical systems in a small, medium and large scale of integration
  2. Designing of mechanical constructions
  3. Regeneration and execution of the microwave components in a band of 40 GHz as: circulators, waveguides, amplifiers with lamps with current traveling-wave, magnetron transmitters, amplitron amplifier, steerings, swivels, antennas.
  4. Regeneration and execution of the new electronic modules by the method of hole and surface mounting - in this automatic assembly
  5. Production and regeneration of high voltage components
  6. Mechanical regeneration of vehicle cabs, trailers and containers
  7. Overhaul of car vehicles (UiSW carriers)
  8. Production and regeneration of power hydraulics components
  9. Production, regeneration and studies the pneumatic industrial components
  10. Regeneration and execution of the new lacquer coatings: - spraying method (in this low pressure HVLP) - powder method - executing of the coatings with PCV
  11. Ultrasonic and liquid penetrant flaw detection
  12. Machining (the lathes CNC)
  13. ndustrial treatment of the sheets on CNC AMADA post – press, laser, bending
  14. Electric welding (MMA, MIG, TIG)
  15. Welding of sheets
  16. Engraving
  17. Industrial treatment of joinery
  18. Execution of upholstery works
To ensure the quality of above mentioned technological processes the company uses a large base of test and measurement equipment and specialized test benches.

The company provides also the services for civilian customers.

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