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Mobile Radioelectronic Recconnaissance MSR-W"


The station is made for automatic recognition signals of radars and other devices mounted on aircrafts and other emission sources generating impulse signals on frequency from 0,5 to 18 GHz.

ESM functions:
    ♦ high probability of detection
    ♦ short time of reaction
    ♦ detailed description of the source
    ♦ library of patterns
    ♦ automatic alerting
ELINT functions:
    ♦ detecting and registration of signals
    ♦ measurement of inside-pulse parameters
    ♦ measurement of direction
    ♦ identification of emission sources
    ♦ registration of descriptions the complex emission pulses
    ♦ patterns edition of emission sources

MSR-W station during the automated individual work ensure:
identification of the emission type
    ♦ bearing on the emission sources in the range of frequency from 0,5 to 18 GHz
    ♦ identification of emission sources and classification of the types of carriers of these sources
    ♦ monitoring of activities and tracking in the direction of air emission sources
    ♦ archivisation of the reconnaissance results to analyze and recognize the signals
    ♦ transmission of reports and receipting of combat tasks to and from the higher level
    ♦ Simultaneous tracking of airborne objects routes (12÷20 routes)
       which emission sources have been detected

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