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Laser Warning Receiver System – LWR-H


Laser Warning Receiver System – LWR-H is made for laser radiation detecting directed straight to the protected object (f.ex. helicopter).
This system can detect and define the type of the illuminating laser source (laser radar or laser indicator of targets), shows the direction from which lighting took place and the time that passed since the moment of lighting.  
    ♦ spectral range: 0,8÷11,0 µm
    ♦ angle range:
       - in azimuth 360˚
       - in elevation ±45˚
    ♦ precision of the direction determination:
      - in azimuth 15˚
      - in elevation 30˚
    ♦ sensitivity: 1000 W/m2 for all impulse sources
    ♦ range of detecting: 1000÷8000 m

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