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Mobile Radioelectronic Reconnaissance Station ESM/ELINT


The station is made for automatic recognition of radars and other devices, generating signals in frequencies from 0,5 to 18 GHz.

While operating, station can realize the following functions:

    ♦ reception of signals modulated in a following ways: impulse by impulse (simplex and complex)
       and on the continuous wave
    ♦ precise benchmark of measurements of basics parameters of every signal
    ♦ quick “untvinement” and multivariant processing of measurement data
    ♦ reconnaissance of signals emission sources with the usage of reporting data base
    ♦ illustration and archive of measurement data and the reconnaissance results

Tactic- technical data of the station:

    ♦ band of catenary frequency recognized radio signals 0,5÷18 GHz
    ♦ precision of determination of catenary frequency signals of detected radio-locating stations
       in band 0,5÷18 GHz ± 0,5 MHz
    ♦ range of time measurement of signal’s duration – 0,1÷200 µs
    ♦ range of period measurement of impulse’s repetition 20÷6000 µs
    ♦ loading/unloading time – 10 minutes
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