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Signal Processing Block BOS                     
for NEWA S.C. station



Signal Processing Block BOS NEWA S.C. station replacing specialized aiming proccessing card and rocket proccessing card, TES packet, modular and democular command control, sunchronizer, aim channel amplifier IF and visual rocket channel amplifier. It is made of semiconductor analog and digital elements also PC104 CPU

Block BOS functions:
  computing radiolocating aim channel signals,
  computing radiolocating rocket channel signals,
  generating pulse which synchronizating SNR works,
  generating steering command for specified tracking method,
  generating complex signal RNK,
  steering and controlling work of send-recive aerial column devices.

Mechanical construction is designed in RAC 19" standard. Basis is cPCI cassette. It is adapted to work in moderatly cold climate conditions at stopover, accordance with the requirements of the Standard Defence NO-06-A103: 2005 for Class N.7 temperature with the following restrictions::
  ♦ reduced work temperature: 0°C,
  ♦ rised work temperature +35°C
  lower temperature limit (the lowest storage temperature): -36°C
  upper temperature limit (the highest storage temperature): +55°C

Block BOS is designed for continuous operation (minimum of 24 hours.).
Declared failsafe time is not less than 2000 hours.
Weight of block BOS is 12 ± 0,5kg.

Block BOS dimensions:
  depth  350mm,
  width 483mm,
  height  222mm.

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