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Block 5P  - Semiconductor band receiver to RSWP P-18


Semiconductor band receiver replaces lamp blocks 5, 6 and 76 of the reciving.

Tactical data:

    ♦ Product is designed to work at a standstill in moderately-cold climate
       accordance with the requirements of the Standard Defence NO-06-A103: 2005 for Class N.7
    ♦ Work temperature: from 0°C to +35°C
    ♦ Storage temperature: from -30°C to +55°C
    ♦ It is designed for continuous operation
    ♦ Block 5P weight: to 12kg
    ♦ Block 5P dimensions: 620mm x 300mm x 265mm
    ♦ Block power: 230V 50Hz

technical parameters:

    ♦ Bandwidth broadband RF amplifier is between 2Δf = (150 ÷ 175)MHz;
    ♦ Amplifies factor of broadband amplifier is between (20 ÷ 27)dB;
    ♦ Amplifies factor of Broadband RF amplifier is not greater than 3 dB, and the sensitivity is not less than 2µV;
    ♦ RF signals are transmitetd by the reciver unit in the frequency range
       from 149,6MHz ( ±400kHz ) to 175,4MHz ( ±400kHz );
    ♦ Sensitivity of reciver unit is not less then 4µV, the signal to noise ratio to 4;
    ♦ Accuracy of heterodyne frequency tuning local set reciver to nominal frequency is not worse than ±50kHz;
    ♦ Nominal frequency of intermediate frequency amplifier reciver unit is fpcz = (24,6 ± 0,1)MHz,
       a frequency response is 2Δf = (200 ± 50)kHz;
    ♦ The amplitude of the output video signal is not less than 0,8V with noise voltage
       not more than 0,4V;
    ♦ Coherent heterodyne retuning range is not less than fh = 300kHz;
    ♦ Bandwith of IF amplifier for coherent heterodyne band is
       not less than 650kHz;
    ♦ Reciver 5P control elements allows manual tuning receives track in entire reciver band  
       from f1 = 149,6MHz (±400kHz) to f2 = 175,4MHz (±400kHz);
    ♦ The accuracy of frequency re-setting is not worse than ±150kHz;
    ♦ Attenuation of the signal during plugging pulse is more than 35dB;
    ♦ Product has system that allows to diagbosis good operation in case of power failure

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