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                           Military Electronic Works JSC modernizes the following blocks:

Block EDP12

Electronical Log of Work EDP12 is device that records time of technicacl events such as switch on/of appointed elements,

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Block 5P
blok5p-zdjecie1Semiconductor reciver unit that allows to replace lamp blocks 5, 6 i 76 reciver system device RSWP P-18.
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Block UW-47SCm

It is designed to producing sinusoidal vibration with the required frequency Ϝh and with a high stability. Generated signal is transmitted to the main channel mixers of the block UW- 51 SCp. 
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Block BOS

3 m

Block of Signal Processing BOS of NEWA S.C. device is replacing elements that were used so far: specialized aim process and rocket card, modulator and demodulator controlling command of packet TES, synchronizer, amplifier i.f. aim channel
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Block 27D

Semiconductor system of damping the echo constants to RSWP P-18, “Block 27D” allows to replace the blocks 27 and 75 of TES system of RSWP P-18 device, made in lamp technology
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Block UW - 343P

343 1m
The imitator UW-343P is designed for producing high frequency pulses imitating response signals of the rocket. The pulses made in UW-343P block are using for checking the suitability of the rocket channel of the device SNR Newa SC.
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Block  UW - 51MP

51 1m
Semiconductor block of intermediate frequency amplifier UW-51MP which enables replacing the lamp block UW-51M located in a rack UW40SC SNR Newa SC.
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Block UW - 52MP

52 1m2
Semiconductor block UW -52MP is designed to detect and enhance video signals of the rockets channels. Block UW-52MP is fully convertible with the original, made in tube/lamp technology block UW-52M SNR Newa SC.
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Block BR-A

Audio Recording Block „BR-A” is stand alone device, that works continuously (24h/day). It records calls and other signals transmitted in acoustic band. Recorder can be connected to analog lines (CA), can cooperate
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