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 Military Electronic Works JSC with the place of business in Zielonka (Poland) started its activity as a Joint Stock Company on 01.01.2008. The company has been created as a result of commercialization of the state-owned enterprise called Military Electronic Works which started its activity according to the decree of Ministry of Defense No 62/MON on 8.10.1964. Historically the company is the legal successor of the institution of the central level which from the year 1952 dealt with modernization of the radiolocation equipment. Successively the range of the works in the company were enlarged about the equipment from another types of the army, the modernizations of equipment and were started the production of the new devices for the needs of Polish Armed Forces to upgrade a profile of its production.

Military Electronic Works JSC occupies with:
♦ production of military equipment
♦ modernization of military equipment
♦ maintenance of military equipment
♦ other services

The company makes some specialized services
also for the civil customers.
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 Military Electronic Works JSC
 specializes in a range of designing,
production and equipment maintenance in the fields of:

♦ reconnaissance and radioelectronic warfare,
♦ command and communications,
♦ air defense,
♦ special electronics.

To meet all the requirements of our customers and all the national and international To meet all the requirements of our customers and all the national and international standards we have our own:

♦ the office of design of electronic and electrical systems
♦ the office for electrical-electronic construction
♦ the office for mechanical construction
♦ the square of tuning for the testing of radiolocation stations operating at full power radiation,
♦ a laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility testing,
♦ a laboratory for mechano-climate studies,
♦ a laboratory of power hydraulics
♦ the centre of numerical controlled machine tools
♦ a metrological laboratory for verification of measuring instruments,
♦ a room for microwave transmitters studies ,
♦ a station of the vehicles service.
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